100 Years of Angus Australia Celebration set for Tasmanian Centenary Cocktail Party

October 23, 2019 3:01 pm

Tasmanian Centenary Cocktail Party

Tasmania is next to be host to celebration, with the centenary celebration of 100 years of Angus Australia heading south for their state event.

Hosted by the Tasmanian State Committee, the Angus Tasmanian Cocktail Party, taking place November 9, 2019 will look back at Angus through the ages, and provide opportunity for members to come together.  The event will be held from 6.30pm to 10.00pm at the Peppers Silo Motel, Lindsay Street, Launceston.



Angus in Tasmania:

The Angus breed and Tasmania have a long-shared history, stretching back almost 200 years.  In fact, in January 1824, 8 black cattle were unloaded at the Hobart Town docks.  They had arrived from Fife, Scotland, and had travelled several months to arrive in Australia under the watchful eye of James Foster.  The cattle were driven up the streets of Hobart and then onto Dennistoun, owned by Captain Patrick Wood, located near Bothwell, Tasmania.  According the historic accounts, this was the first cattle in Australia that were akin to the Aberdeen-Angus breed.

The breed, still in its formative years, were popular due to their good beef qualities, however dominated by other British breeds.  Cattle akin to the Aberdeen-Angus were imported to Australia during the development of the colonies herds, firstly in what was at the time Van Diemen’s Land, now known as Tasmania.  The reason for this, described by land commissioners in Tasmania from 1926-1938, was the breed was “well-shaped, handsome stock, and milk remarkably… each cow will yield as much milk as four or five of the common breed of the colony”.

It was discovered by the owner of Dennistoun who bought the property from the Woods’ in 1917, Bayard Edgell, that the Dennistoun Angus herd was formally founded in 1858.  It was developed by original breeding cows from Fifeshire in Scotland.  Four bulls were imported in 1858 and New Zealand Angus blood was introduced in 1883.  While the history has varying timeframes for the Angus breed in Australia, Dennistoun is the oldest property to continuously run Angus Cattle in Australia.