2017 Sydney Royal Beef Challenge – Entries Open

April 26, 2017 11:15 am

The Sydney Royal Beef Challenge was established in 2011. It’s a feedlot trial competition run by the RAS in regional NSW. Over the years the competition has grown to be one of the largest feedlot performance trials, with 550 head competing in two classes – 70 day Domestic and 100 day Export classes.

As a commercially-focussed feedlot competition, the annual Sydney Royal Beef Challenge is unique. The trial has been designed to represent all stages of the process including live assessment, feedlot performance, carcase grid, carcase judging, profitability and eating quality. All animals entered in the pen or ‘lot’ (six animals in total) are included in the results.

Every piece of data that can be provided is, allowing producers to evaluate how their cattle perform in each section of the supply process. So whether you want to see where your cattle rate against some of the states best, or evaluate how new sires maybe performing, this trial will provide invaluable information.

All animals are penned in their entries of 6 head for an open day at Wilga Feedlot just prior to exit, with the culmination at an awards dinner in Tamworth in September.

Exhibitors retain ownership of their cattle throughout the trial, with the RAS covering ongoing expenses (feed, transport from feedlot etc.). Sale proceeds are then provided to exhibitors less the expenses incurred throughout the trial.

This year the Sydney Royal Beef Challenge will be held on the following dates;

Export Cattle – Arrival 2nd – 4th may 2017
Domestic Cattle – Arrival 6th – 9th June 2017
Open Day – 21st August 2017
Wilga Feedlot, Bellata
Awards Dinner – 15th September 2017
Tamworth, NSW
2017 Sydney Royal Beef Challenge Entry Form
For more information or to book in cattle contact Mike MacCue 0409 785 301 or visit www.rasnsw.com.au/cattle