Angus to feature in Adelaide

June 5, 2019 1:48 pm

Angus will be front and centre at the 2019 Royal Adelaide Show, with Angus being the Feature breed at this year’s event.  As part of the centenary celebrations for the Society, the South Australian state committee is hosting the Beachport Liquid Mineral Angus Feature Show.  The Royal Adelaide Show will take place from August 30 until September 8.

The Origins of Angus in Adelaide

The Royal Adelaide Show has a long conjoined history with the Angus breed that dates back to the first recording of the breed 126 years ago at the show in 1893.  According to historical reports, John Lewis of Adelaide entered the only polled Angus cattle, one bull and one cow.  This was the first of the breed to appear in the competition.  Mr Lewis was awarded two pounds for his entries.

The first registered Angus animals were entered in the 1929 Royal Adelaide Show.  A McFarlane of Wellington Lodge, South Australia entered four entries, a bull calved before July 1, 1925, a bull calved between July 1, 1925 and June 30, 1928, a cow named Lady Jean of Wellington Lodge and a cow calved between July 1, 1925 and 30 June 1928.  The bull calved before July 1, 1925 was awarded Champion bull, with Lady Jean of Wellington Lodge awarded Champion cow or heifer.  Mr McFarlane was awarded seven pounds for each of his champion animals.

The Chronicles of Angus in the Interbreed

The Interbreed/All Breed competition at the Adelaide Royal Show began in 1983, with the first Angus winners in 1985 with Thologolong Think Twice, exhibited by Sutherland & Sutherland and Glenbold Adelaide A16 exhibited by VA Lyons Ltd.  From then on Angus cattle have enjoyed tremendous success in the interbreed competition.

Entries for the 2019 Beachport Liquid Mineral Adelaide Royal Show close Friday, June 14!