Angus & Angus Influenced Cattle perform at the Beef 2018 National Carcase Competition awards

May 9, 2018 3:02 pm

Australia’s biggest carcase competition, the Beef 2018 National Carcase Competition awards have proven the merits that using Angus genetics can have in either a crossbred or purebred operation to improve carcase performance with a number of breeders winning individual classes and the overall champion carcase being awarded to Bruce Campbell and family, Cooara, Keysbrook, WA with an Angus influenced steer.

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Feature Image: Bruce Campbell and daughter Bryden Campbell, Cooara, Keysbrook, WA won class 1 – pen of three medium trade chiller steers pasture fed 180 to 260kg.

Bottom Image: Mark Inglis, JBS with Ben Mayne, NSW who won class 6 – pen of three export chiller bullocks grain fed 300 to 420kg.