Angus Australia and Vetoquinol Strengthen Partnership

November 28, 2016 12:06 pm

Angus Australia CEO, Dr Peter Parnell is pleased to announce an extension to the commercial partnership with independent global animal health company, Vetoquinol, in support of the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program (ASBP).

“Due to the successful partnership over the past 12 months, particularly through involvement in the ASBP, it was an easy decision for both organisations to further strengthen the partnership for a 2 year period”.

Family owned since 1933, Vetoquinol is the 9th largest veterinary pharmaceutical company in the world. Originating from France, Vetoquinol has expanded its’ International Business Operations, serving to strengthen its portfolio of products globally.

Dr Sophia Edwards, Vetoquinol Technical Specialist of Reproduction for Australia & New Zealand explains that Vetoquinol views this partnership as a means to add value to Vetoquinol and Angus cattle producers alike.

“Vetoquinol Australia recognise the value of genetics for the Australian cattle industry. Angus Australia’s sire benchmarking project is a key venture to improve the genetic technologies and selection tools available to enable Australian cattle producers to get ahead. Vetoquinol Australia are the leading providers of artificial reproduction technologies, so this partnership provides Australian beef cattle producers what they need, not only high quality genetic selection tools but the ability to realise their investment in genetics by using artificial reproduction to elevate their herds to the next level. Vetoquinol have a track record of providing the highest level of performance in FTAI programs. We can stand by a range of high quality products but also know that we can deliver on results”.

Angus Australia’s Strategic Projects Manager, Christian Duff, believes that the continued partnership with Vetoquinol is crucial in providing successful AI results.

“It goes without saying that an effective fixed time AI program underpins the overall success of the ASBP through the number of effective progeny per sire produced. The Angus Australia partnership with Vetoquinol ensures that the ASBP will continue with successful fixed time AI results. This is through the supply of products such as Cue-Mate® devices, but more importantly the technical support and advice they can provide through their experienced staff.”

Vetoquinol is giving you the chance to win $1,000 off the AI bill.

Vetoquinol will pay $1000 towards the bill from the veterinarian or AI technician to 10 lucky Angus breeders that are using the Cue-Mate® device for the AI and/or ET of their herd. For every 25 Cue-Mate® devices used, the Angus Australia member will be eligible for one entry into the draw.