Angus Australia commits to future of Angus Sire Benchmarking Program

July 13, 2021 12:47 pm

Angus Australia has furthered its commitment to applied research and development for Angus producers and the beef supply chain.   

At its meeting in May 2021, the Angus Australia Board approved a $3 million investment in growing the Angus genotype and phenotype reference population, particularly for hard-to-measure traits, through an additional five cohorts of the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program (ASBP). 

“The extension of the ASBP shows Angus Australia is committed to R&D that provides applied outcomes for members and the broader beef industry. With the growing importance of genomics in Angus breeding programs, it is imperative that Angus Australia is directly involved in resourcing, managing and growing an effective reference population” said Mr Angus Australia’s Board Chairman, Mr Sam White. 

“With the additional cohorts, the data the ASBP contributes to the overall Angus Australian reference population will grow to over 530 influential, contemporary Angus sires and more than 15,000 progeny that are comprehensively phenotype and genotyped.” advised Mr White. 

Angus Australia’s Strategic Projects Manager, Christian Duff, who oversees the ASBP, stated that   

“Commencing in 2010, the production of 16 cohorts of ASBP progeny and associated phenotyping will span a significant 20-year period for this flagship R&D program”.  

“For the first 11 cohorts of the ASBP, Angus Australia has greatly valued the industry co-funding support through the Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) Donor Company. While this co-funding is not available for upcoming cohorts, we look forward to discussing add-on R&D opportunities in partnership with MLA and other industry organisations.” added Mr Duff.     

The ASBP is the major research and development initiative undertaken by Angus Australia with the objective to grow the comprehensive phenotype and genotype reference population on contemporary Australian Angus animals, particularly for hard-to-measure traits, for enhanced genetic evaluation, collaborative research and innovative development. 

To meet the project objectives Angus Australia aims to join an average of 30 to 35 sires a year to approximately 1,800 Angus cows using the fixed time AI program supported by Vetoquinol. The Angus cows are located across several commercial focussed co-operator herds spanning Northern to Southern New South Wales and Victoria.  

The Angus sires that enter the ASBP are nominated by Angus Australia or New Zealand Angus members. A list of all bulls that have entered the ASBP can be viewed in the catalogues listing page on the Angus Australia website. Their progeny are genotyped, sire verified and comprehensively performance recorded for calving ease, growth, temperament, heifer reproduction, structure, immune competence, abattoir carcase and beef quality attributes.  

For all ASBP related questions contact Christian Duff, Angus Australia Strategic Projects Manager M: 0457 457 141 or email: