Angus Australia Introduces Nationwide Breed Development Officer Program

July 7, 2021 2:47 pm

Angus Australia has announced the introduction of a regionally based, nationwide team of Breed Development Officers to assist Angus seedstock and commercial breeders achieve genetic improvement within their breeding program.



The three person team will be responsible for providing support and education to seedstock and commercial Angus Australia members in the key principles of cattle breeding and genetics, and the application of genetic improvement technologies.

Angus Australia’s Breed Development & Extension Manager, Mr Andrew Byrne, explained the new initiative was part of a renewed focus on face-to-face engagement between Angus Australia and Angus breeders across Australia.

“The genetic improvement technologies that are available to Angus breeders are expanding rapidly and the introduction of a nationwide Breed Development Officer team will ensure members of Angus Australia are well placed to make optimal use of these technologies”, Mr Byrne said.

The Breed Development Officer team will be based regionally, with existing staff members, Matt Reynolds and Jen Peart based out of Armidale, NSW and Injune, QLD respectively, and joined by Angus Australia’s newest Breed Development Officer, Jake Phillips, based out of Naracoorte, SA.

Each Breed Development Officer will be responsible for providing ongoing support and assistance to Angus breeders in particular regions across Australia.

“Matt Reynolds will be the Breed Development Officer responsible for providing support to Angus Australia members in central NSW, southern NSW and Tasmania, Jake Phillips will be the Breed Development Officer responsible for Victoria, South Australia and the southern half of Western Australia, while Jen Peart, in her role as Northern Development Officer will be responsible for northern NSW, Queensland, the Northern Territory and the northern half of Western Australia”, said Mr Byrne.

With a number of Angus breeders recently joining Angus Australia from across the Tasman, the program will also be extended to members located in New Zealand.

The introduction of the Breed Development Officer team follows the launch of a number of other programs and services recently focussing on increasing the value obtained from membership with Angus Australia.

In addition to the introduction of improvements to traditional seedstock services like animal registration and the TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation, Angus Australia is now offering an expanded range of services for commercial Angus breeders, such as the Angus SELECT range of decision support tools, the genomic based heifer selection tool, Angus HeiferSELECT, and the Angus Verified breed verification program.

For further information on the products and services offered by Angus Australia, visit

Jen Peart – Breed Development Officer

Queensland, Northern Territory, Northern Western Australia & Northern New South Wales
Phone 02 6773 4644
Mobile 0417 219 405

Jake Phillips – Breed Development Officer

Victoria, South Australia and Southern Western Australia
Phone 02 6773 4625
Mobile 0401 261 217

Matt Reynolds – Breed Development Officer

Southern & Central New South Wales, Tasmania and New Zealand
Phone 02 6773 4626
Mobile 0433 532 453