Angus Australia Regulation Changes – September 2018

September 19, 2018 1:38 pm

The following changes to the Regulations were resolved at the meeting of the Angus Australia Board on September 10th.   Angus Australia asks if members could please take the time to peruse the brief changes.

  • Introduction of new Regulations 17.2 and 17.3 outlining the ownership requirements when requesting DNA services from Angus Australia

    17.2    With the exception of 17.3, members may only request DNA services for animals that are either currently in their ownership, have been previously in their ownership, or for which    written permission from the current Owner is provided in an approved format.
    17.3    Members may request DNA services from semen that they have purchased, without any requirement to obtain permission from the owner of the animal.
  • Replacement of existing Regulations 14.1 to 14.11 relating to transfer of ownership, with new Regulations 14.1 to 14.10
    14.     TRANSFERS
    14.1    With the exception of 14.9, application for the transfer of the recorded ownership of an animal must be submitted by an authorised signatory of the current Owner (the Transferor) in a format approved by the Society.
    14.2    Upon receipt of a transfer application, the Society shall record the transfer and issue a Pedigree-Performance Certificate to the new Owner (the Transferee).
    14.3    The Transferor will be invoiced any applicable transfer fees, unless the Transferor has provided written confirmation that the Transferee is to pay the fees.
    14.4    Transfers made between Owners who have an affiliation on the Society database (e.g. where the Transferor and Transferee are family members, or are owned by the same organisation) shall be recorded without fee.
    14.5    No transfer fee is payable on a calf that is transferred together with its natural dam, provided that the application for transfer is received within 8 months of the date of birth of the calf. Applicable transfer fees are payable for ET calves that are transferred with their recipient dam.
    14.6    Where an animal is the subject of a lease agreement a transfer application and any applicable fees must be submitted by the lessor in favour of the lessee. At the expiration of the lease the animal shall be transferred back to the lessor’s membership without fee.
    14.7    Unless export certification is conducted, a fee will be charged to transfer an animal into the ownership of an overseas purchaser, equivalent to the transfer fee of a female in the same register.
    14.8    Females for which Herd Inventory fees have not been paid prior to transfer will be transferred as “Inactive”, and will remain “Inactive” until the required Reinstatement and Herd Inventory Fees are paid.
    14.9    Where animals are advertised for sale as being registered with the Society, then the Transferee may apply for transfer of the animal at the advertised registration level. In such cases, the animal’s identification must be verified by another Full Member, the applicable transfer fees paid, and the animal must be eligible for registration at the advertised level prior to the transfer proceeding. The Transferor will be advised of the Society’s intention to effect the transfer and will be given 30 days to advise the Society of any reason why such transfer should not proceed.
    14.10    Prior to transfer at least 2 forms of permanent identification must be applied, as specified in Regulations 6.31 to 6.35.
  • Amendment to Regulation 6.11 for a more concise understanding

    6.11    If it is found that the particulars of any animal are incorrect, the registration of that animal and its descendants may be corrected or cancelled.
  • Introduction of new Regulation 6.15 outlining the manner in which an animal’s Register is assigned when the Register is not specified with the application for registration
    6.15    In situations where the register is not specified with the application for registration, the register in which an animal is submitted for registration will be determined based on the register in which their sire and dam are recorded.