Ron Bower celebrates 20 years with Angus Australia

February 27, 2019 9:57 am

Angus Australia’s Human Resources Manager, Ron Bower, celebrated 20 years in service to the Society on the 9th of February 2019.   

Ron, who started his work as the Administration Manager/Accountant at Angus Australia in 1999, is currently the longest serving member on the Angus Australia staff.   

In acknowledging Ron’s contributions to Angus Australia, CEO Dr Peter Parnell noted “Ron is well known (at least on the phone!) to many members across all states.  Ron’s empathetic and helpful nature in dealing with member’s concerns is well recognised, and Ron is very highly regarded amongst our membership and the many businesses that Angus Australia deals with daily.” 

“Ron is a highly respected colleague among staff at Angus Australia.  He has assisted many of us, both as a co-worker and friend”, Dr Parnell said. 

Ron transitioned from the Accounts Manager role in 2017 to a part-time position as Human Resources Manager.  

“Angus Australia is fortunate to have Ron remain on staff in his part-time capacity as Human Resources Manager.  Ron’s strong rapport with fellow staff and his good sense of judgement and character make Ron an ideal person to manage staffing issues in our organisation”, said Dr Parnell.  

“On behalf of Angus Australia staff and members, we would like to sincerely thank Ron for his tireless work, dedication and commitment to the Society and offer an enormous congratulations for reaching this milestone.”