Angus Australia takes a Northern Focus

October 24, 2018 1:48 pm

The Angus Australia Northern Development Program is an important strategic project for Angus Australia, focusing on the development and implementation of a sustainable program with the aim to increase demand for Angus and Angus influenced cattle in the beef supply chain in Northern Australia.

Angus Australia is striving to ensure that there are a number of resources made available to beef producers about the development of the Angus breed in the Northern areas of Australia.  Therefore, as part of this program, Angus Australia have launched the ‘Northern Focus’ location on the Angus Australia website.

The Northern Focus webpages are solely focused to providing relevant and informative resources and information in regard to the Northern Development Program.

Angus Australia encourages any beef producers with an interest in the sustainable implementation of the Angus breed in Northern areas of Australia to make themselves familiar with this information hub and take advantage of the materials available to them.

The Northern Focus page features:

  • Information and statistics regarding beef production in Northern Australia
  • The commercial advantages of the influence of the Angus breed, including information regarding Hybrid vigour and market flexibility
  • The Northern toolbox consisting of informative videos featuring specialists in the successful infusion of Angus genetics into Northern areas and literature materials regarding the benefits of infusing Angus genetics, management strategies for the introduction of Angus bulls into Northern climates and information regarding the selection of Angus bulls in Northern Australia
  • Where producers have access to comprehensive and industry leading information, tools and support material through Angus Australia programs, including and its suite of data tools and the Angus Education Centre
  • Upcoming events in the Angus Australia calendar
  • Information regarding the members of the Northern Development Consultative Committee

The Northern Focus page can be found on the Angus Australia website home page, or by CLICKING HERE.

If you are interested in learning more in how Angus and Angus influenced cattle can benefit your enterprise, are interested in participating in on farm trials and producer demonstration sites,  or are family owned beef operations through to Corporate Agriculture, please contact the Angus Australia Northern Development Officer Jonathan Faris at or on 0417 219 405.