Angus carcase success across the country

July 9, 2018 2:46 pm

Angus are known throughout the world for their ability to consistently produce the finest high quality beef.

Results in hoof and hook competitions across the country continue to reiterate these claims, as Angus and Angus influenced cattle perform well across the country, proving the ability of of Angus cattle to provide the carcase traits that bring profitability to any cattle breeding enterprise.


Wagga Wagga Christian College exhibited a 482kg Angus steer that was awarded reserve champion school steer after it won the heavy domestic section. 

The steer also placed first in the hook section in the heavy domestic section, scoring a total of 88 pints out of 100, with rib and P8 fats of 7 and 9mm an a rib eye area of 87cmsq.


An Angus steer exhibited by students from the WA College of Agriculture (WACA), Narrogin, took out the prizes of Champion Heavyweight unled yearling and Grand Champion.

The Angus steer weighed in at 554kg and was awarded a total of 92.5 out of 100 points and was chosen by judge Cameron Petricevich for his, ‘Beautiful depth and length’.

The students also exhibited the 2nd place steer in the lightweight section, with a 392kg Angus steer.

The Champion Mediumweight was a Limousin cross Angus heifer, exhibited by L Chorley and J Barber, weighing 460kg, who also exhibited the Reserve Champion heavyweight with a Limousin cross Angus steer.


Proving the breeds’ ability to meet market specifications has seen Angus steers put on a dominant performance in the Sydney Royal Easter Show Purebred Steer and carcase competition, winning a myriad of awards across the whole spectrum of the competition.

All up Angus steers won, Champion Virtual Taste Test, can 2nd in the Stanhill Trophy, won Reserve Champion Heavyweight Steer and a Gold Medal in the carcase award and were awarded 6 Silver Medals and 8 Bronze medals.

A 534kg Angus steer, bred and exhibited by BW & MM Brooker led the way when crowned both the Reserve Champion Heavyweight steer on the hoof.

Dressing at 61.1%, scoring a maximum of 15 points with a rib eye of 119cm2 and had P8 fat of 12mm and rib fat of 8mm, the carcase was awarded a Sydney Royal Gold Medal.

The Scots School, Bathurst, exhibited a 469kg Angus steer, that was bred by Sunny Point Pastoral Company, to take out the Virtual Taste Test Champion award. The steers dressed at 53.8% and had a P8 fat of 16mm and a rib fat of 11mm.

A team of 3 purebred Angus steers, all bred and exhibited by BW & MM Brooker, placed 2nd in the prestigious Stanhill Trophy team, with 264 points.


  • Lightweight Open Steer – Justin Richards & North Bullagreen P/S, 391kg Angus steers bred by North Bullagreen P/S 
  • Middleweight Open Steer – The Scots School Bathurst, 488kg Angus steer, bred by D & D Searle 
  • Heavyweight Open Steer – Braidwood Central School, 532kg Angus steers, bred by Billaglen Pastoral Co


  • Heavyweight School Steer – The King’s Schoo,l, 574kg Angus steer, bred by Milong Angus 
  • Lightweight Open Steer – Justin Richards & North Bullagreen P/S, 391kg Angus steer bred by North Bullagreen P/S 
  • Middleweight Open Steer – The Scots School Bathurst, 436kg Angus steer, bred by D & D Searle 
  • Middleweight Open Steer – The Scots School Bathurst, 455kg Angus steer, bred by Gilmandyke Angus 
  • Middleweight Open Steer – BW & MM Brooker , 457kg Angus steer, bred by BW & MM Brooker 
  • Heavyweight Open Steer – Pymble Ladies College, 506kg Angus steers, bred by Knowla Livestock 


  • Middleweight School Steer – Scone High School, 439kg Angus steer, bred by BW & MM Brooker 
  • Middleweight School Steer – Pymble Ladies College, 499kg Angus steer, bred by Knowla Livestock 
  • Middleweight Open Steer – Saint Ignatius College, 411kg Angus steers, bred by Allynbrook Park 
  • Middleweight Open Steer –Scone High School, 416kg Angus steers, bred by BW & MM Brooker 
  • Middleweight Open Steer – Cody Evans, 428kg Angus steer, bred by Ryan Knee 
  • Middleweight Open Steer – Wellington High School, 448kg Angus steer, bred by Minnamurra Pastoral Co 
  • Middleweight Open Steer – The Scots School Bathurst, 486kg Angus steer, bred by Gilmandyke Angus 
  • Heavyweight Open Steer – Justin Richards, 574kg Angus steers, bred by Justin Richards

2018 Harvey Beef Gate 2 Plate Challenge, Western Australia 

This unique competition sees cattle performance assesses from the farm gate to the consumers’ plate. Competitors enter a team of three owner bred cattle (two steers and a heifer). The cattle go into a feedlot on the same day and are fed on the same ration. Heifers are fed for76 days and steers for 89 days.

The data collected is based on factors effecting profitability for the feedlot and processor, as well as MSA grading.

From 61 entries and 183 animals, a team of Sussex Angus cross from Sandy and Narelle Lyon, Willyung Farms, Willyung, were crowned the winners of the Gate 2 Plate competition.

The team with the best processor performance was a tram of Charolais Angus cross cattle from Bruce and Gaye Campbell, Keysbrook.

Second in the same category was a team of Angus cross Droughtmaster cattle, entered by Mountain Valley Livestock, Albany.

Second place in the best MSA Performance went to a team of two Angus and an Angus Shorthorn cross bred by Peter and Merryl Johnston, Boyup Brook, while third in this category was awarded to a team of Angus cattle entered by Hugh and Andrew Smith, Torbay. 

Top Image: Stanhill Trophy Team, Image Emily H Photography