Angus CONNECT – Introducing the New Angus Research Selection Indexes

July 14, 2021 3:37 pm

Angus Australia invites all Angus seedstock and commercial breeders to an online event to learn about the new research selection indexes that will be published for Angus animals. 

The new research selection indexes are being released for industry review, with a series of consultative initiatives planned in September and October 2021 to gather feedback from Angus breeders on the suitability of the research selection indexes. 

A dynamic series of presentations will be delivered by staff at the Animal Genetics & Breeding Unit, and Angus Australia to introduce the research selection indexes, along with a series of educational sessions covering topics such as: 

  • What role do selection indexes play in livestock breeding? 
  • How are selection indexes calculated? 
  • What are the features of the new BreedObject selection index software?    
  • How can selection indexes be utilised be best utilised when making animal selection decisions?

The Angus CONNECT free event will be streamed from the Angus Australia You Tube channel at 7.00pm AEST, on Tuesday, August 3rd.