Angus prove their worth on grass and grain

July 23, 2021 11:12 am

Both the Southern Grassfed Carcase Classic and Southern Grainfed Carcase Classic have again proved a happy hunting ground for Angus and Angus influenced producers when the 2020-2021 presentation dinner was held in Naracoorte South Australia in early July with Angus and Angus influenced cattle dominating the awards. 

Southern Grassfed Carcase Classic

Having run for 13 years, the Southern Grassfed Carcase Classic is considered the largest annual beef carcase competition in the Southern Hemisphere, with 1354 steers and heifers processed at Teys Australia’s Naracoorte abattoir for this years competition. 

Highlights included a team of 10 Angus entered by The Giles family, Crower Partners, winning the award for best team of 10 animals, with each carcase averaging 90.25 points 

The Reserve champion carcase was awarded to the Hurst family’s Lake Hawdon Props, with a March 2019 drop, Angus-Shorthorn steer scoring 94.89 points. 

While an Angus steer exhibited by the Wooding family, scored 67.7 points to have the equal highest Meat Standards Australia eating quality score for the competition. 


Southern Grainfed Carcase Classic

Running for its’ second year, the Southern Grainfed Carcase Classic, saw Angus steers entered by Hamish Robertson, Gum Park take the crown of overall champion team out of 10 teams of 10 steers from South Australia and Victoria. 

The 360-500 kilogram steers were all inducted at Teys Charlton feedlot in Victoria on February 2 and fed for about 120 days before processing at Teys. 

The Robertsons also had the highest feedlot performance with impressive daily weight gains averaging nearly 2kg/day. 

Their overall score, combining feedlot performance and carcase quality, was 1769.92 points from a possible 2000. 


Angus & Angus Influenced Results

Grassfed Carcase Classic:

Class 1. Class 1 – Single Steer or Heifer, 0 – 2 teeth 180 – 260kg 

2nd – Boonoonar Partnership – 88.05 Points 

3rd – Boonoonar Partnership – 87.83 Points 



Class 2. Single Steer or Heifer 0 – 2 teeth 260.1 – 340kg 

1st – HB Schinckel & Sons – 94.01 Points 

2nd  – V&M Patrick – 92.09 Points 



Class 3. Single Steer or Heifer 0 – 4 teeth 340.1 – 420kg 

2nd – Lake Hawdon – 94.89 Points 

3rd – Wooding & Co – 94.13 Points 


Class 4. Highest MSA Eating Quality Index 

Joint Tie for highest eating quality to Wooding and Co, Lucindale SA, 67.7 MSA index points (Top 1% of cattle in Australia). Vendor bred , Sterita Park Blood, 


Class 5. Best team of 3 animals (aggregate score) 

2nd – Crower Partners – 275.10 Points 

3rd – HB Schinckel & Sons – 274.88 Points 


Class 6 – Best team of 10 animals (aggregate score) 

1st – Crower Partners – 902.59 Points 

2nd – Boonoonar Partnership – 889.88 Points 


Reserve Champion Carcase – Lake Hawdon – 94.89 Points 


Grainfed Carcase Classic: 

Class 1 – Best Team for Feedlot Performance 

1st – HL Robertson – 951 Points 

2nd – H & A Cocking Nom Pty Ltd – 949 Points 

3rd – H & A Cocking Nom Pty Ltd – 934 Points 


Class 2 – Best Team for Carcase Performance 

2nd – HL Robertson – 818.92 Points 

3rd – Teys Charlton Team – 792.95 Points 


Class 3 – Overall Champion Team 

1st – HL Robertson – 1769.92 Points 

 Feature Image: Teys Australia Naracoorte plant manager Dean Woosnam with the winners of the best team of 10 animals in the grassfed competition, Rohan and Sue Giles and their daughter Mandy Bruhn, Crower Partners, Avenue Range. Image: Stock Journal 


Above: Winners of the grand champion grainfed team, Lachie and Hamish Robertson, Gum Park, Kingston SE, with sponsor Neale McKay, Performance Feeds. Image: Stock Journal