Angus reserve takes pride of place for Costco

August 28, 2019 12:26 pm

Costco Australia has been selling Angus Reserve beef supplied by NH Foods’ Oakey plant on Queensland’s Darling Downs in its outlets since 2013 and Marcel Moodley said the decision had been a major winner. 

Costco Australia had sold almost $150 million worth of Angus Reserve beef with sales continuing to increase. 

For Costco, Angus Reserve fitted neatly with its philosophy of offering quality products. 

Costco aims to buy the best quality products at the lowest prices possible. 

‘We are quality driven, first and foremost. 

Marcel said that the grainfed Angus Reserve brand beef was delivering consistent quality “every day of the week”. 

“Angus (beef) will be in Costco as long as I am there,” he said. 

So why Angus? Marcel sang the praises of Angus beef, for the consistent quality, consistent branding, consistent pricing and the premium breed of 100% black Angus. 

And into the future, as Costco expands to China in August, they will be selling 100% black Angus from Australia.