Announcement of Certified Angus Group P/L changes

January 4, 2017 2:23 pm

On the 31st January 2017, Kate Brabin will be exiting the position of CEO of CAG P/L, and the independent Directors Richard Rains, Tony Hale and Peter Trahar will be exiting the CAG P/L Board.

In announcing these changes, Angus Australia President Libby Creek noted that “CAG P/L will continue operation as a separate wholly owned subsidiary of Angus Australia supporting and promoting Angus beef brands as it has done for the past 20 years.  However, from the 31st January CAG P/L will be managed directly by Angus Australia and the CAG Board will be comprised of only Directors of Angus Australia”.

“This change to the governance and management of CAG P/L will significantly reduce overhead costs and enable greater integration of Angus beef certification and verification services into the core business of Angus Australia.  These changes are a further example of Angus Australia’s ongoing transformation into a proactive innovation company focused on enhancing and promoting the value of Angus across the beef value chain.”

“Angus Australia acknowledges the 10 years of service to CAG P/L from the exiting CEO Kate Brabin.  Over this period, Ms Brabin has contributed greatly to the delivery of Angus Breed Verification Services to industry and the support of the CAG owned brands Angus Pure and Natural Beef® and Certified Australian Angus Beef®”.

“The Angus Australia Board also gratefully acknowledges the contributions of exiting Board Chairman Peter Trahar and fellow independent Directors Richard Rains and Tony Hale”, said Mrs Creek.

The contact person for CAG P/L matters after 31st January 2017 will be Peter Parnell, Angus Australia CEO (Ph. 02 6773 4600; Email: