Are you Preparing Angus Heifers for Export?

November 14, 2018 3:33 pm

Angus Australia provides export pedigree certification to industry for two categories of Angus breeding animals being:

Category 1– Registered HBR, APR or RAR Angus cattle from Australian breeding herds with a minimum 3 generation pedigree on both the Sire and Dam.

Category 2– Includes heifers for breeding purposes sired by registered purebred Angus bulls from a single or multiple sire mating group.

All Category 2 heifers are bred from registered purebred Angus sires that meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum of 3 generations of pedigree on the sire and dam side.
  • Recorded in the Angus Society of Australia Herd Book Register (HBR), Angus Performance Register (APR) or Red Angus Register (RAR).
  • Recorded in the ownership of the Category 2 heifer supplier You can check to see what bulls are in your ownership on the online angus database search CLICK HERE.

Please provide the full Angus Australia Sire ID on the “Angus Export Sire Recording and Validation” (EXRV) form found HERE if not supplied by the export office.


Considerations when preparing for export that require pedigree certification:

  1. Are you a financial Commercial or Full member of Angus Australia? If so, do you know you member ID?
  • If not please apply for membership online HERE or fill in the membership form found HERE. Please be aware that there is a process involved on the Angus Australia end to provide you with a membership and can take around 3 working days till you receive your Member ID. For this reason, please submit your membership application as soon as possible.
  • If you think you may have been a member in the past please contact the Angus Australia Membership Coordinator at to check and reinstate the membership if needed.
  1. Are the bulls used in your ownership or do you have a documented lease to use the bulls listed?
  • If the bulls you purchased are not listed in your ownership please contact the breeder to arrange transfers to be sent in writing to . If the bulls were leased, please supply lease agreements with the EXRV form when sent to the exporter.
  1. Did you use an AI sire to breed the Export heifers?

Some heifers are bred from AI programs and the sires can be identified as such on the EXRV form. If this occurs please be aware that Angus Australia will undertake QA checks to ensure the validity of this claim.


  1. Did you purchase the heifers i.e. you are not the original breeder?

If so, please request a letter or email from the breeder stating which registered Angus bulls were used to breed the heifers.

For further information, please check out our Export Certification Standards and our Export Certification Checklist

If you have any other questions please contact:

Christian Duff, Strategic Projects Manager

(02) 6773 4620 or


Victoria Lee, Member Service Officer

(02) 6773 4611 or