Around the Beef Weeks

February 13, 2019 10:15 am

Angus Australia Breed Development Officer Matt Reynolds and Communications Officer Cheyne Twist recently spent some time in Victoria and South Australia, attending the Stock and Land and Stock Journal Beef Weeks.   

Over 5 days, Matt and Cheyne spent time travelling to various Angus producer field days, having the opportunity to speak with a number of Angus members preparing for their upcoming sales.   

Tripping their way across Victoria from Friday to Sunday and South Australia Monday and Tuesday, the Angus Australia staff members worked to be able to meet as many of the members as possible in order to show support, and converse about any queries or concerns they may have. 

“It was excellent to be able to get out to our members farms and be able to have a chat about their upcoming sales, and the Angus cattle they had on offer,” Mr Reynolds said.  “It is excellent to see that despite less than ideal seasons for many in the lead up to their Autumn sales, there were plenty of quality Angus cattle on display.”  

“Unfortunately, due to time and distance constraints we couldn’t reach every Angus field day, however we would like to remind all our members that if you require any assistance from the Angus Australia, we are more than happy to assist in any inquires.”. 

Guy Cunningham, of Hazeldean Angus, Willalooka, South Australia said that the field day is extremely important as part of the lead up to their Autumn bull sale.   

“The timing with these beef weeks is fantastic for this area, with 850 or 900 Angus bulls on show over the week, with the sales to follow in the coming weeks,” Mr Cunningham said. 

“It pulls a lot of people from a long way away and they get to see a lot in the couple of days within reasonable and sensible travelling distances.” 

“It is a really pleasant day and low pressure, you can talk to a lot of people about what they are doing and what their aims are for their own cattle, so it’s probably one of the most important days of the year for us.” 

South Australian producer Jock Hislop of JB Angus stud, Stewart Range, said having his field day part of the Beef Week resulted in a successful day of visitors to his stud. 

“We had a nice, steady trickle of people coming to look at our cattle.  The benefits of being in Beef Week that everybody is out looking at cattle all at once as everyone is open and gives everybody the opportunity to see plenty of cattle all day.”   

Communications Officer Cheyne Twist also said that attending the field days allowed insight from members about their Angus history.  

“As we look back at the 100-year history of Angus Australia, it was a great opportunity to meet with our members who have a rich history as Angus breeders in Australia.  It was great to be able to talk to various generations amongst families, all involved in the Angus breed.” 

“I would like to remind any members who may have any Angus history pieces from across the generations in their families to please share them with the Marketing and Communications team at Angus Australia in order to be part of the 100 years of Angus Australia celebrations.”