ASBP Cohort 5 Analysis Completed – How did the Bulls Perform?

June 6, 2018 11:31 am

The collection and analysis of the full suite of performance data for Cohort 5 of the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program (ASBP) has been completed. This most recently included abattoir carcase grading outcomes for the steer progeny, and fertility information for the heifer progeny.

Cohort 5 includes 1,327 progeny from 48 Angus sires. Of the sires, 38 are from Australia and 10 from New Zealand.

A summary of the phenotypes and genotypes (i.e. genomic profiles) collected in Cohort 5 and analysed in Angus TACE and/or ASBP progeny performance reports is reported in table 1.

Table 1 – Summary of date (phenotypes and genotypes) collected and analysed in ASBP Cohort 5

Alternatively, you are also able to access, search and sort through the data available on the ASBP sires via the ASBP online catalogue CLICK HERE or ASBPSELECT online facility CLICK HERE

A summary of the top performing sires from Cohort 5 is tabled on the following page. This table lists the top 10 Cohort 5 sires for the Angus Breeding Index (ABI) and a range of progeny average values from birth to slaughter based on their progeny within the ASBP. For further information on interpreting the values in the table refer to the introductory notes in the ASBP Progeny Performance reports available from the Sire Benchmarking section of Angus Australia website.


Figure 1 – The Results for ASBP Cohort 5 are
Available in Progeny Performance Reports

For all ASBP related questions contact: Christian Duff, Angus Australia Strategic Projects Manager M: 0457 457 141 or email:

Top Image: Cohort 5 steers were included in a Retail Beef Yield Project (RBY) conducted by Dr Linda Cafe from the NSW DP