ASBP Field Day Proves Informative

November 29, 2016 3:08 pm

Angus Australia held an informative Angus Sire Benchmarking Program (ASBP) field day at Tullimba Research Feedlot, Kingstown NSW on Wednesday 23rd November 2016. The day was attended by over 40 Angus enthusiasts who heard the latest outcomes from Angus Australia’s major R&D initiative.

To view a message from Ross Thompson (Chairman – ASBP Consultative Committee) see below:


A major highlight was a session presented by Ashleigh Horne (Angus TACE Project Officer) which demonstrated the great potential to achieve genetic improvement in Angus breeding programs by capitalising on the genetic variation that exists between Angus animals.

Another highlight was the viewing of over 400 ASBP Cohort 5 Angus steers, identified to sire, which are currently undertaking feed intake testing.



The ASBP is a major R&D initiative of Angus Australia with support from MLA and industry partners such as Vetoquinol, Rangers Valley Feedlot and John Dee Abattoir. The objectives of the ASBP are:

  1. Generate progeny test data on modern Angus bulls, particularly for hard to measure traits such as feed efficiency, abattoir carcase measurement, meat quality attributes & female reproduction.
  2. Generate data for the validation & refinement of Angus TACE.
  3. Build a comprehensive phenotype and genotype database on Australian Angus for genomic technology validation, research and development.

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Top Image: Over 400 Cohort 5 Angus Steers on Display at Tullimba Feedlot, Kingstown, NSW.