How to Search for Animals by Genetic Condition Status

For this example we have used DD.


Step 1:  Go to the Angus Australia homepage:

Step 2.  Select the “Animal Search” Button from the top right hand side.


Angus Australia website NEW


Step 3.  For example, you are now able to select the down arrow and search for a particular DD status:

So, if you wanted to search for only DDF animals, you would select “Only DDF” and then press the Search button.




It will then direct you to the Angus Animal Listing page.

To see all DDF animals you need to select the “Show All Entries” button.




Alternatively you can click the “Next” button to move to the next lot of 15 animals and previous button to go backwards.


If you want to define your search further, please go back to the Angus Animal Enquiry screen and add in more variables.


For example,


I want to search for animals with the following attributes:


Sex: Male, Register: HBR, Genetic Status: AMF, NHF, CAF, DDF, Breeder from NSW.


I put all of these parameters into the Angus Animal Enquiry page and then click the search button.




This is what you will get




If you have any problems with this animal enquiry search tool, please contact the Angus Australia office.