Do we have your 2018 bull sale results?

October 30, 2018 4:01 pm

At the end of each year Angus Australia produces a report on the bull sales conducted for the calendar year and we want to make sure we have all of the correct information.

The information is compiled from media reports, social media and notifications from vendors and agents, however we are aware that not all bull sale results may have been included.

Therefore we would ask you to CLICK HERE to see if your results have been included and to check if the results recorded for your sale are correct.

To submit your results or update the information in the spreadsheet, please email and provide us with the sale names and date, number of bulls sold, top price and average price.

NB: if you do not wish us to publish your sale results in the spreadsheet, please let us know, but we would still like to use the information to calculate the overall statistics.