EBVs are a prediction

May 25, 2020 3:24 pm

The other limitation in setting tight thresholds around breeding values is that breeding values are a prediction, and like all predictions, may move as more information becomes available. Whilst things like genomics can reduce the potential movement of an EBV, the EBVs will still move as progeny performance information comes in either on calves, relatives or animals that share genes in common, in the case of genomically tested animals.  

If the threshold is too tight there is the potential that the ‘normal’ movement in EBVs results in the EBV moving outside the threshold, which again can expose you to potentially replacing an animal for minimal improvement in genetic merit of the progeny.  

A breeding decision is about selecting the best suited animal, based on all the potential options available with the most informed information. EBVs allow animals to be compared and utilising this strength within our breeding program is where we can benefit from the most powerful tool for cattle breeders.