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Module Summary

Congratulation, you have completed the ‘Understanding Research Selection Indexes’ module.

This module has provided an overview of the research selection indexes, along with some background information regarding selection indexes and how they are calculated.

A brochure outlining the research selection indexes can be downloaded from the link below

To further discuss the research selection indexes and the upcoming industry review and consultation, contact Andrew Byrne, Breed Development & Extension Manager, on (02) 6773 4618 or

To further discuss the use of selection indexes within a breeding program, please contact Angus Australia’s Breed Development Officer team.

Name Region Email Phone
Jen Peart Northern NSW, QLD, NT, Northern WA 02 6773 4644
Jake Phillips VIC, SA, Southern WA 02 6773 4625
Matt Reynolds Central NSW, Southern NSW, TAS, New Zealand 02 6773 4626