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3-Day Sickness Distribution

Distribution of 3-day sickness across Northern Australia

Spread by mosquitoes and biting midges the viral disease also known as Bovine Ephemeral Fever affects cattle across northern Australia. The 3-day sickness distribution reflects the annual movement of the mosquitoes and biting midges which spread the disease.

The name 3-day sickness comes from the display of clinical symptoms caused by the disease for a period of about 3 days. These symptoms include;

  • Fever and depression
  • Lameness, stiffness, shivering and twitching
  • Recumbency, typically more severe in heavier and older animals
  • Reduced intake (Food and water)
  • Abortions and infertility
  • Drooling saliva, watery eyes and runny nose

A vaccine is available to prevent the disease and it is critical cattle expressing symptoms are provided with adequate shade, food, water and veterinary advice.