Angus Australia


Angus Sale Catalogues – Understanding and interpreting the information in them

There are 3 main types of Angus cattle sale catalogues which are:

  1. Direct Mail – a hard copy produced by the breeder or sale manager
  2. Angus Sale Select – An online listing through the Angus Australia Website
  3. Third Party Online Listing – A listing through a 3rd party sale platform

Information presented in sale catalogues for you to review with your client will include:

  • The Animals registration details
  • The Animals pedigree
  • Parent Verification status
  • Suffixes of SV indicated the animal is Angus Sire assured
  • Suffixes of PV indicated the animal is Angus Parentage Assured
  • Genetic condition status for the four standard reportable conditions as a minimum
  • TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation EBVs and Selection Indexes
  • The traits that have been included in the genetic analysis