From little things, big things grow

January 20, 2017 12:28 pm



From humble beginnings of feeding a few thousand cattle in various custom feedyards, to one of the largest lotfeeding companies in Australia, Mort & Co will celebrate 20 years of business in 2017.

Established in 1997, the growth of Mort & Co.’s footprint in the beef industry has been no accident. Founder and Managing Director, Charlie Mort’s vision has always been clear, to become a major stakeholder in the lotfeeding industry in Australia.

Currently Australia’s largest family owned lotfeeder, Mort & Co boasts a well-established, vertically integrated beef business encompassing livestock procurement, transport, lotfeeding, beef processing, marketing and sales.

Mort & Co own and run three feedlots across the eastern states of Australia located at Dalby QLD, Millmerran QLD and Delungra NSW, with a turnover of approximately 200 000 head annually.

Their flagship feedlot, Grassdale, south of Dalby in southern Queensland, has recently expanded to cater for 55 000 head at full capacity.

Being able to purchase all types and breeds of cattle is a key factor for Mort & Co to maintain full occupancy at its three feedyards.

The company constantly strives to deliver a premium product every time by focusing on developing strong and mutually beneficial alliances with Australia’s leading beef producers and processors.

These partnerships facilitate the delivery of carcase feedback, for which both the producer and Mort & Co reap the benefits.

The producer gains access to information tools that assist with the selection of superior sires which in turn delivers a superior feeder steer to the feedlot for Mort & Co.

Another advantage of vertical alliances is Mort & Co.’s ability to background for producers. This provides a win/win for both parties, with Mort & Co securing supply of feeder cattle and the producer having peace of mind and greater flexibility to offload stock during difficult seasonal periods.

Mort & Co not only feeds cattle, but have furthered their footprint in the beef industry by introducing their own branded beef range, Phoenix Beef in late 2015.

The Phoenix range consists of five branded products, including Green Oaks, Darling Point, Sir Thomas, Grandchester and The Phoenix.

The Angus breed fits snuggly into all five Mort & Co brands, however the Grandchester and the Phoenix brands are perfect for the Angus breed’s highly sort after attributes.

The Grandchester specifications are minimum 150 day grainfed, EU accredited, HGP free and a marble score 2+, whereas The Phoenix brand is a 400 day grainfed product utilising high end Angus cross genetics with other breeds.

Both the Grandchester and The Phoenix products deliver an exclusive 5 star eating experience.

Mort & Co are committed to working closely with producers, both striving for mutually beneficial outcomes with enhanced genetic gains of improved feedlot performance and superior carcase merit.

The real winner from all of this is the consumer, the delivery of a consistent eating experience, leaving them wanting more.



Written by Liz Pearson, Commercial Development Manager