Further Improvements to Angus Database Search

May 30, 2018 10:43 am

Following the enhancements that were implemented in April, Angus Australia is pleased to announce that a number of further improvements have been made to the Angus Database Search facility that is available from the Angus Australia website.

The enhancements include:

  • Improvements to default search results layouts
    Modifications have been made to reduce the number of columns displayed in the default layout of the animal search results table to make it more compatible with the width of common computer screens.Additionally, a new drop down box is now displayed above the search results table that enables users to seamlessly switch between a number of different search result table layouts. The new layouts, being “expanded layout”, “animal details only” or “EBVs only”, make it easier for users to display the information that is of most interest to them when conducting animal searches.
  • Improvements to the display of EBV information
    The options to show or hide EBV accuracy values, show or hide EBV percentile values, and show or hide progeny trait counts, are now displayed as buttons, rather than tick boxes, making it easier for registered users to customise the display of EBV information to their requirements.
  • More accessible display of search options
    The options to “show search criteria”, “customise the results layout” and “save favourite searches” are now displayed as buttons above the search results table, making it easier for registered users to access and utilise these features.
  • Modifications to “Customise Results Layout” screen
    Modifications have been made to the screen that enables registered users to set up and save a customised animal search results layout. The new screen is more intuitive, making it easier for registered users to edit or create new layouts that are customised to their specific needs.

The improvements that have been made are part of the ongoing improvement to the angus.tech software, and follow a review of the feedback that has been received from members regarding the Angus Database Search. All changes have also being implemented within the AngusSELECT tools that are available from the Angus Australia website.

A number of additional enhancements are scheduled for implementation over coming months, including the availability of new graphical reporting tools that enable registered users to analyse the results of their searches.

Any members with suggested improvements, or that require assistance with the use of the Angus Database Search facilities are encouraged to contact staff at Angus Australia on (02) 6773 4600 or office@angusaustralia.com.au.