GenAngus starts today

February 20, 2019 4:31 pm

The inaugural GenAngus Future Leader Program workshop kicks off today in Sydney!

Through this workshop and over the following 12 months Angus Youth aims assist in helping 12 young beef leaders to develop their skills and understanding of beef businesses in order to help create better leaders in the beef industry and better businesses fronted by the younger generation of farmers and beef producers.

Over the next three days the participants will work through various topics with industry professionals.

They will study ‘Mindset and Communications’, which will help them to have a better understanding of how they think and communicate.  They will continue by covering ‘Risk and Liability’ and knowing what they need and what they need to be prepared for within their business.

‘Beef Benchmarking’ will also be covered, giving participants the tools to find out how they can gauge their business performance.  ‘Finance Fundamentals’ will cover the in and outs of what financial avenues are useful to their business, understanding them and becoming bank ready.  With marketing a pivotal tool for businesses, the participants will also cover ‘Marketing and Branding’, where they will be given tools in finding their place in the market and what options are out there to assist in producers within these fields.

‘Succession Planning’ will cover forward planning for the future, as most have a vision for their business, however not many people think about how it will end and the importance of planning for this.

There will also be a few fun activities to break up the intense learning, which will give everyone an opportunity to get to know each other.

Angus Youth would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the generous sponsors of the GenAngus program, Achmea Angus, New Zealand Angus and Angus Australia as without their support this event would not be possible.

Top Image: Some of the GenAngus group off to their team building session