#GrowAngus Speaker spotlights

April 10, 2017 4:53 pm

Kev Sullivan from Bell Vet Services and Andrew Byrne from Angus Australia will be speaking during the #GrowAngus National Conference on May 18th and 19th in Ballarat Vic.


Kev Sullivan, Bell Vet Services – ‘Plan or Perish: The Importance of Pre-feedlot Entry Preparation’

Kevin Sullivan BVSc is a veterinary feedlot consultant and principal veterinarian of Bell Veterinary Services and PAC (Production Animal Consultation) Australia based in the Darling Downs of south east Queensland. Kevin has been servicing small and large feedlots in eastern Australia for 25 years, and more recently in Indonesia and China.

Bell Veterinary Services consults to more than 40 feedlots with a combined one time capacity of more than 350,000 head; eight of these yards having more than 15,000 head one time capacity.

A large part of Kev’s work is conducting workshops and training programs for feedlot livestock staff. Kev teaches the Feedlot Production Medicine course at Queensland University, Gatton and James Cook University, Townsville. He has been a member of the presenting team for the ALFA animal health workshops since their inception and is a regular presenter at Veterinary, ALFA and industry conferences. Bell Veterinary Services has a data collection and analysis system which analyses health records for most of its clients and provides monthly reporting. There is a health benchmarking program which provides information on nine key health performance indicators.

Kev was integral in the early stages of the development of both the M.Haemolytica and IBR + M.Haemolytica vaccines which are currently marketed as Bovillis MH and Bovillis MH+IBR. He conducted the initial concept and registration studies for these vaccines. Kev was one of the team that worked on the MLA/ALFA Euthanasia project for the feedlot sector and was a participating veterinarian on the MLA BRD initiative.

Kev introduced the “Whisper electronic stethoscope and diagnostic software” to the Australian feedlot industry in 2015. This technology has improved the diagnosis of respiratory disease cases in feedlot cattle, redefined case definition and has improved the decision making with respect to antibiotic selection.

Kev has been a passionate advocate for improvement in animal welfare and handling of cattle in the feedlot sector and has been a driving force behind changes in handling facilities and the introduction of “Box and Alley” systems in the feedlot sector.

Andrew Byrne, Angus Australia – ‘The Next Generation of Angus Genomic Technologies’

In his current role with Angus Australia, Andrew is responsible for the implementation of Angus Australia’s Breed Development & Extension program, and in turn, providing Angus Australia members and their customers with genetics tools to achieve continuous enhancement of Angus and Angus influenced cattle and beef products.

Andrew has considerable experience in delivering high level technical support and consultation to Breed Society Boards, Technical Committees, staff and members regarding the use and understanding of TACE genetic evaluation software, TACE companion products such as BreedObject selection indexes, Internet Solutions, MateSel and TakeStock, as well as genomic technologies for parentage verification, management of genetic conditions and genetic improvement for both qualitative and production traits.

Andrew has been heavily involved in the delivery of innovative extension activities, having involvement in developing, facilitating and delivering a comprehensive range of extension initiatives within the beef industry across Australia and New Zealand regarding the utilisation of genetic improvement technologies. These initiatives have varied considerably in scope, from targeted one on one activities, to broad extension activities such as the delivery of presentations at workshops, field days and conferences across Australia and abroad, to the development of electronic educational material for media and web delivery, to the development of tip sheets, booklets, promotional brochures, technical notes and electronic newsletters.