If you could do it before, you can do it in Angus.Tech…and more!

November 7, 2018 4:27 pm

The ability to not just do a search, but analyse the results within the database is empowering Angus breeders when they are making breeding decisions.

Angus.Tech doesn’t just draw on the wealth of information in the Angus Australia database, but enables users to analyse their results and use the data to its full potential. So, whether you are looking for your next bull, deciding on heifers to keep or just checking in at where your herd is at, then Angus.Tech is making the process easier and delivering more from your time within the database.

Angus.Tech is available to everyone and has all the functionality of the ‘old’ internet solutions database with a number of new features, which assist in making breeding decisions. One of these features is the ability to save searches, which can save you time when doing regularly searches within the database.

These searches might include searching for your yearling or two-year old bulls or bring up all the cows within your herd. Angus.Tech users get a number of default saved searches which include these three, as a well as a number of others if their herd is linked to the Angus.Tech account.  Users can add additional saved searches based on how they use the database.

The database is continuing to be developed with new features added and members requiring assistance are encouraged to contact staff at Angus Australia on (02) 6773 4600 or office@angusaustralia.com.au