Important information on class exemption for farmers and agribusiness workers to move across the Queensland border

July 27, 2021 11:25 am

Angus Australia is grateful to Mr Andrew Sinnamon, AgForce Qld for the following information regarding the new class exemption for farmers and agribusiness workers to move across the Queensland border by air or road for farming and agribusiness activities.  Details of this exemption (Approval No. 29) are included in the letter from Dr Jeannette Young, Queensland Chief Health Officer to Mr Robert Gee, Director-General, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Qld, and summarized below.

Who is eligible ?

Queensland residents

Queensland residents who are entering Queensland by air or road:

A – After entering a COVID hotspost in NSW to perform essential agribusiness services for the ag supply chain or farming activities that can only be performed in a covid hotspot. (New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia are all deemed hotspots as I type this email).

B – After entering a hotspot in nsw to access vet service or provide care for livestock which can only be accessed from the hotspot.

New South Wales Residents

NSW residents who are entering QLD by road or air- to perform the above.  Have had absolutely no travel from the Greater Sydney area in the past 14 days.

Documents required

Before entering you must complete the border pass.

Must carry the following and presented when asked by an Emergency offer

  • Evidence of their identity confirming their place of residence for example a drivers license
  • Evidence of employment, contract, property ownership  lease or agistment agreements
  • A copy of the Class exemption letter attached

NEW Requirements

From 30 July 21 any farmers or agribusiness workers using this exemption must not enter QLD unless they have evidence of the following

  1. Evidence of a negative covid test result received within 7 days prior to entering QLD
  2. Maintain a rolling 7 day test cycle which while coming back and forward from a hotspot if applicable
  3. Show they have performed these when asked by a emergency officer.


  1. Must put in place a Quarantine management plan! Please see the attach doc regarding the Quarantine management plans. This is important and which continues to restrict us for Ekka and the livestock sale season. AgForce is working on this but as we all can appreciate this strain of Covid is highly infectious, and this is better than nothing. We will continue to lobby to the government the importance of site inspections of highly valuable animals and the long term implications of getting it wrong however as things currently stand not possible. I will keep you appraised as we things progress.
  2. Must travel directly to and from the relevant farm or premise
  3. Must only stop for fuel, food and rest and as minimal as possible between residences and the farm.
  4. Accommodation overnight to fulfill fatigue requirements and safety.
  5. QLD Residents returning must isolate to the extent of practicable and reasonable for the general public for 14 days
  6. NSW Residents must isolate to the extent of practicable and reasonable for their time in qld or for 14 days which every is shorter. They must only remain in QLD for as long are they are required for their essential service.
  7. Agribusiness workers must provide evidence that that they first attempted to source the skills from QLD or a non hotspot state/territory and neither were possible or the cost and time is prohibitive.