Kaiti McGregor – World Angus Forum Scotland Report

January 30, 2017 12:18 pm

My trip to the World Angus Forum in Scotland was a once in a life time trip and I would just like to say a massive thank you to Angus Australia for giving myself and the rest of the team the opportunity to go over and compete. Without their help and support this trip would not have been possible!  

On our first day in Edinburgh both the Red and Black Angus team walked around and discovered what Edinburgh has to offer, we hiked our way up the crages and all then all the way to the top of Arthurs seat that over looked the whole of Edinburgh.

The next day in Edinburgh was Wednesday the 21st of June which was the first day of the forum, all the youth teams from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK came together and presented our presentations to the World delegates. After the meeting there was a welcoming reception where everyone came together and celebrated the official opening of the World Angus Forum.

The following days consisted of travelling to the Royal Highland Show where we were able to walk around the cattle sheds, show rings and alleys to see what Scotland had to offer. I had a fantastic time at the show looking at all the different breeds of stock they have and how they prepare their stock for judging.

On the Friday we travelled to the Royal Marines Army base that is located North of Dundee, this day was filled with fun and challenging activities we had to participate in with different team members from other countries.

After trudging through the mud and cooking a high quality meal from the army supply’s we made our way to the Murrayfield Stadium where we enjoyed a taste of Scotch that ranged from haggis to pop infused highland dancing.

On Saturday we made our way back to the Highland show where was participated in the young judges competition. Young stock judging enthusiasts travel from all over the world to attend this event to have their chance at being one of the best young judges in the world.

After judging Clydesdales, sheep, dairy and beef cattle we went to the Mosshall Red Angus stud where we saw quality Red Angus cattle!

On Sunday the 25th and Monday the 26th attended and participated in the Conference, there were a lot of interesting speeches and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to what the United Kingdom had to say about the future of Angus.

The New Zealand team was lucky enough to win the public speaking competition between the youth teams, they then had to present their speech to the rest of the forum.  

After the conference everyone attended the Gala dinner at the National Museum of Scotland, it was an awesome night where everyone had a great time listening to Senior William McLaren sing the Aberdeen Angus song whilst enjoying the company of people from all over the world. It was the best night of the whole trip.  

The following days included travelling to the Boarders farm where we put our farm skills to the test by participating in Agri Olympics. We had the best time attempting to build a rock wall, driving machinery, catching heifers and trying to highland dance! Fordel’s farm tour was next, they had awesome cattle and it was great to see Canadian and New Zealand genetics being used.

In the final days of the tour before the cattle completion we all enjoyed a rainy day at the Ballindalloch castle where we got to see the oldest line of Angus cattle in the world!  

After leaving the castle we had a fantastic night at Aviemore with great food and more highland dancing to finish off the night.

On the way back home to Stirling we travelled to Scotbeef to judge the carcases of the steers we judged live early on in the week and we were lucky enough to win this competition woohoo!  

On the final 2 days of the tour we spent our time at Netherton Angus prepping our heifers for show day. Netherton Angus did a fantastic job in organising the last few days of the tour they graciously welcomed all youth teams into their stud.

The final day of the tour was awesome, all the world delegates and everyone participating in the Scotland tour arrived at Netherton Angus to observe what all the youth teams had done with their pair of heifers, it was very interesting to see the difference ways each team presented their heifers. Netherton Angus again hosted everyone involved in the tour to an awesome night of food, wine and dancing to conclude the world Angus Forum for another 4 years!

Scotland was simply amazing, I had the time of my life! because Angus Australia gave me the opportunity to participate in this awesome tour.

I have made new friendships all around the world that will last a life time.


Feature Image: Kaiti McGregor in the heifer classes