Kate Schoen’s take on the #angusthroughtheages National Conference

June 12, 2019 11:27 am

Kate Schoen was awarded the Angus Foundation National Scholarship giving her the opportunity to attend all the events associated with the conference including the verified Black Angus Beef BBQ, Gala dinner and the conference itself.

The Angus through the ages conference gave Kate the opportunity to broaden her horizon’s and expand her knowledge of technologies available to beef breeders and the latest developments in marketing, along with a number of other topics.

The Angus National conference held in Albury on the 22nd and 23rd of May was a fantastic opportunity to get away and sink into all things Angus cattle for a few days, celebrating 100 years since the formation of the Angus society in Australia.

The conference kicked off on the Wednesday night with the inaugural verified black angus beef BBQ competition where I was quickly put to good use helping out one of the BBQ contestants serving out their beautifully cooked beef this was a good opportunity to learn a bit more about how to cook our beautiful product and see inside the world of competitive BBQing. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much beef in one sitting!

Stirring out of my beef coma on Thursday morning it was the start of the official conference, looking around on arrival at the 250 fantastic Angus producers/delegates I was really excited for all the discussion to come over the next two days.

Some of the stand out speakers for the Thursday included Angus Street from AuctionsPlus on evolving your brand, Angus shared some key points on what has driven the evolution of AuctionsPlus with some excellent take home messages. The other standout speaker for me was Kent Anderson of Zoetis on Genomics into the future, I really look forward to implementing genomics into our business and building a sound knowledge around it was something that I really wanted to take home from the conference. Kent Anderson was an engaging speaker and we were lucky to have somebody of his calibre speak on this topic. The final Session for the day the panel was a thought-provoking experience that was a great lead up for some great discussion with fellow delegates that evening.

The gala dinner to follow on the Thursday evening was another fantastic Angus beef meal, with some excellent entertainment of which I don’t think ill ever think the same of the humble sausage again, along with a very successful auction raising funds for the Angus Youth Foundation, the very cause providing me with the opportunity to attend.

The final day of the conference was again broken into multiple sessions, making the hard choice between the topics. I enjoyed the topics, around leadership, identity and marketing. This is again something that we try to implement into our business at all levels, it provided some excellent tips in setting yourself apart in the marketplace, of which I look forward to implementing. The final session really tied together the big picture of Angus in the marketplace looking at where we sit in the global market and what was the actual angus premium, and what was it worth. We are very lucky to be involved in a breed with such a bright future it makes it hard to see why people would choose otherwise.

To sum up my experience at the national conference it is an event that shouldn’t be missed if you have an interest in the breed, I would encourage anyone to attended. The opportunity to gain knowledge is only one part, adding to that the real networking of likeminded people from all sectors was invaluable. Moving through the funnel of the Angus Youth program as I have done in the past has set me up with the skills to take full opportunity the conference. This will be an event that I would like to attend again and again, and would encourage more young people to make the effort, as you won’t be disappointed.

“Angus conference is like Roundup for old people” – I guess I must be getting old