Make pedigree certification for Angus heifer exports a smooth process

December 6, 2017 2:17 pm

With breeding heifer exports a consistent market option for Angus breeders, the Member Services team thought it would be beneficial to provide a quick overview to streamline the processes necessary for Angus Australia Members to be involved in Export shipments, where export pedigree certificates are required.

What’s the difference between Category 1 and Category 2 animals?

Category 1 – High quality registered purebred pedigree Angus cattle sourced from Australian seedstock breeding herds. Includes both heifers and bulls for breeding purposes bred from registered purebred Angus bulls and cows with a minimum of 3 generations of pedigree.

Category 2 – High quality purebred Angus cattle sourced from Australian purebred breeding operations. Includes heifers for breeding purposes sired by registered purebred Angus bulls, with a minimum of 3 generations of pedigree, from a single or multiple sire mating group.

Important Steps:
  1. Be a member of Angus Australia, this can be done by completing an application form online or print on off the Angus Australia website.
  2. Make sure the bulls used are in your ownership, by checking them online or contacting the Member Services Team to do a check.
  3. Make sure the bulls used have a 3-generation pedigree, 3 generation pedigree on both the dam and sire’s sides.
  4. Complete Agents Export Sire Recording and Validation form with the animals being supplied.
  5. Form is sent to the exporter, then forwarded onto Angus Australia for processing.
Things to remember:
  • Export animals cannot be processed unless all of the above requirements are met.
  • Not every bull in your ownership needs to be listed, just the ones used to breed the heifers going to export.
  • Bulls with ‘AI’ written at the end of their name means that they were produced by AI (Artificial Insemination) eg. MSO PRINCE RON L15 (AI), it does not mean they are an AI sire.


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If you have any questions or queries regarding the process of exporting animals, please feel free to contact the Angus Australia office on 02 6773 4600 or