Meet the ALFA BeefEX Conference scholarship recipients

September 17, 2018 4:05 pm

The Angus Youth ALFA BeefEX Conference Scholarships have been awarded to Youth members Ruby Canning and Hannah Cargill, which will see the girls head to Brisbane in October for the three-day feedlot industry conference.

The major conference, which will take place from the 8th to 10th of October 2018, draws together feedlot operators and their staff, nutritionists, veterinarians, regulators, service providers and others involved in the grain beef supply chain.

BeefEX attracts 500 delegates from around the country and covers topics such as big data, consumer trends, markets, economics, production, finance and leadership.  The topics will be discussed in presentations made by international and Australian speakers explaining how these areas can be applied to feedlot and beef supply chain businesses.

Angus Youth member Hannah Cargill is currently studying a Bachelor of Agriculture and a Bachelor of Business at the University of New England.  She was raised on a fourth-generation sheep and cattle property in Braidwood NSW, with a family history of producing Angus beef commercially for almost a century.  Through her involvement in the family business, Miss Cargill has had the opportunity to assist in the selection of sires and weaners to be sold to feedlots.

Miss Cargill looks forward attending the BeefEX Conference in hope to expand her existing knowledge in the feedlot industry, as well join the conversation of topics such as beef shortage and feeding the booming world population in drought conditions, overcoming issues surrounding animal welfare activists and creating public awareness about the industry to build better public understanding of feedlot practices.

“I hope to build a greater understanding of all aspects of the feedlot industry as well as learn about the new technologies and strategies that are being put in place to overcome rising issues,” Miss Cargill said.

“I enjoy networking with other industry members and continuing to broaden my knowledge of the industry and different techniques and strategies that can be used to innovate and move the industry forward into the future.”

Fellow scholarship recipient Ruby Canning is a sixth generation beef cattle producer, and co-owner of Mavstar Simmentals & Red Angus, Mortlake VIC.  She is currently studying a Bachelor of Agriculture and Bachelor of Business majoring in marketing at the University of New England.  Miss Canning aspires to have a career involved in supply chain management and is invested in developing her interest in effective business networking and industry insights.

“I am truly grateful for the opportunity to attend the BeefEx Conference,” Miss Canning said. “By attending the conference, I look forward to increasing my knowledge about the high quality and consistency of Australian beef and our position within the global market.”

“I am excited to hear from a range of speakers and gain an in depth understanding of the Australian feedlot industry and how technology is being adapted to increase accuracy and productivity operations as well as the main issues surrounding production and management of grain fed animals, market trends and leadership skills.”

Each scholarship recipient received $1500 to assist in financing their attendance at the conference.

The BeefEx Conference will take place at the Brisbane RNA Showgrounds from the 8th to the 10th of October 2018.