New Interface for AngusSELECT™

January 24, 2018 2:28 pm

With the autumn bull selling season upon us, Angus Australia is pleased to announce a new interface for AngusSELECT™.

Developed by Angus Australia’s software development team, AngusSELECT™ consists of a suite of genetic selection tools that assist Angus breeders to improve the profitability of Angus genetics within the beef supply chain by assisting with the identification of Angus genetics that are most aligned with their breeding goals and objectives.

Using the AngusSELECT™ suite of tools, Angus breeders can :

  • search and sort for registered Angus animals, semen or embryos that are currently available for sale, and identify the most suitable Angus genetics for use within their breeding program
  • view upcoming sales featuring registered Angus genetics
  • find suppliers of registered Angus genetics
  • access education modules that assist users of Angus genetics to identify those animals that best meet their genetic selection criteria

The new AngusSELECT™ interface can be accessed from the Angus Australia website ( by clicking on the AngusSELECT link in the menu at the top of the homepage.


Access AngusSELECT™

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