Northern Development Consultative Committee

December 18, 2017 9:58 am

Angus Australia is pleased to announce the formation and composition of the inaugural Northern Development Consultative committee. This follows ratification at the Angus Australia Board meeting conducted on 1st December 2017 in Armidale NSW.

The purpose of the Northern Development Consultative Committee is to:

  • Provide guidance in developing policies, strategies and plans relating to Angus Australia’s Northern Development Program.
  • Monitor activity, progress and results of the Northern Development Program.
  • Communicate and represent the views and requirements of northern Australia beef breeders in relation to Angus genetics and Angus influenced cattle.

Angus Australia’s Northern Development Program has the objective to “Increase the infusion of Angus genetics in the northern Australia beef herd to benefit Angus Australia members and the whole beef supply chain through increased use of registered Angus bulls and genetics.”

The composition of the consultative committee is as follows:

Johnathan Schmidt – Burenda Angus, Dalby, QLD

“A large percentage of the Australian breeder herd is based north of the Tropic of Capricorn, and this has traditionally been a Bos Indicus area. Hence there is huge scope for cross breeding with Angus genetics to improve fertility and carcase traits to help meet market suitability.”

Brett Guest – Clunie Range Angus, Coolatai,  NSW

“The Northern industry is principally made up of cattle breeders that achieve 100% of their income from cattle. They are well educated on the industry and are very astute. They do not respond to being preached to by “southerners” who don’t understand their requirements. More than anything this committee needs to gather information and build understanding. We know from experience the performance results by using Angus genetics can be spectacular and can be maintained long term.”

Ben Mayne – Texas Angus, Warialda,   NSW

“As meat quality is gaining momentum in the north, Bos Indicus breeders are sourcing Bos Taurus breeds to improve their carcase quality traits of their herds.  Angus Australia and its members are at the forefront of the industry for performance recording, the leader in genomics and the breed is recognised worldwide for its meat quality and excellent maternal traits. “

Ben Noller – Palgrove Ultrblacks, Dalveen,  QLD

“With direction through an initiative such as the Northern Development program, the Angus breed and genetics can make further inroads into the northern Australia beef herds. This will ultimately expand new markets for Angus breeders and positively impact the Australian beef industry by increasing productivity & profitability through traits relating to meat quality and fertility.”

Simon Falkiner – Murdeduke Angus, Winchelsea, VIC

“Experience gained over 15 years of supplying Angus bulls into Western and Central Queensland has shown us that there are great benefits to be achieved for all concerned from the infusion Angus genetics into Northern herds. Northern producers can reap the fertility, temperament and performance benefits, regularly remarking that they “can’t believe how many calves hit the ground so quickly, how much those calves weigh at weaning and how easily they wean”.

Additionally, Angus Australia’s Strategic Projects Committee Chairman (Sam White), Strategic Projects Manager (Christian Duff), and CEO (Peter Parnell) will be ex-officio members of the Committee.

While this committee has been formed for guidance, all Angus Australia members are encouraged to have input in this initiative by contacting Christian Duff, Strategic Projects Manager on
0457 457 141 or