Pestivirus Testing required for 2019 Thomas Food International Roundup

November 21, 2018 12:18 pm

All animals entered in the 2019 Roundup must be tested for Pestivirus. This testing can be done through the Angus Australia Office. The costs will be approximately $20 per test. If the animal returns a negative Pestivirus test result it will then be eligible to enter the Roundup. All hair samples will need to be received at the office by no later than Friday 11th December, 2018 to ensure that results are back in time. Results from samples submitted after this date, may not be available in time for the Roundup. Hair samples can be sent in on the University of Queensland collector.

Breeders can organise their own tests if they wish, however Angus Australia will need to be provided with a copy of the results.

While we acknowledge that this is an additional cost and extra work for those breeders supplying cattle we trust that you will understand the importance of protecting yourself and other breeders from the damaging impact of this disease. If you need more details on how to test for Pestivirus please contact the Angus Australia Office (02) 6773 4600.

Angus Youth National Roundup Committee Contact Details:

Eliza Borchardt            PH: 0408 209 803
Jack Laurie