Zoetis Collecting Instructions

Complete the Angus Australia DNA Test Request Form and, if you haven’t previously completed one submit a signed copy of the member test agreement. Place samples and completed paperwork in a sturdy postage bag and send to the Angus Australia Office. It is advisable to use the Registered Mail Service with Australia Post.


Check the identification of the animal and record the full ident on the front of the Zoetis Animal Health collection kit.

Pull a minimum of 40 HAIR FOLLICLES from the thick brush of the animal’s tail making sure the follicles are still attached.

The hair sample collected must be DRY and FREE from any foreign matter (dirt, faeces or plant material). Dirty sample often fail testing and will require recollection.

Place hair sample in the collection card, align hair follicles, remove paper backing and lower the ident sticker over the hair shafts. Trim off excess hair that falls below the collector.

Note: A HD 50K test requires its own samples with a minimum of 40 follicles. Therefore if you request a genetic test and a HD50K please supply 2 samples.


Semen straws are damaged easily. Semen straws need to be protected from being crushed by mail sorters or rough handling. This can be achieved by slotting the straw between the ridges of cardboard or inside an empty pen.

Label the cardboard clearly with the animal’s ident.

When posting semen straws, write DO NOT BEND on the postage bag.

Please send all Samples to:

Angus Australia
Locked Bag 11
Armidale    NSW     2350

Z 1 Final Z 2 Final Z 3 Final
Z 4 Final Z 5 Final

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