Report from Angus Australia Board Meeting conducted 26th November 2020

December 16, 2020 9:35 am

The Angus Australia Board met on the 26th November 2020, and considered the following items:
  • Review of key performance indicators for all areas of Angus Australia’s operations, noting increased member transactions across most areas and maintenance of service levels to members under often challenging circumstances.
  • Review of 2021 Operational Plans for all Angus Australia programs and approval of the associated annual budget for 2021.  No changes to fees and charges are scheduled for 2021.
  • Schedule approved for the election in 2021 of a single Director for each the states of Vic, Qld and South Australia; and one nationally elected Director.
  • Review and endorsement of Auditors report confirming that at least 75% of valid votes in the recent ballot to consider amendments to Angus Australia Constitution were received in favour of the following changes:
    (i)    Remove reference to State Committees and include Affiliated Angus Breeder Groups
    (ii)   Amend the Objects of the Company to enable expansion beyond Australia
    (iii)  Simplify membership application process enabling electronic enrolment
    (iv)   Remove Commercial & Junior Commercial membership classes
    (v)    Enable membership transition via sale or inter-generational transfer
    (vi)   Include broader definition for genetic evaluation services
    NB. further details of these changes are available on the Angus Australia website.
  • Approval of Terms of Reference for Affiliated Angus Breeder Groups; and, endorsement of transition of State Committees to state-based Angus Breeder Groups, under the respective names of NSW Angus Breeders Group (Angus NSW), Victoria Angus Breeders Group (Angus Vic), South Australia Angus Breeders Group (Angus SA), Queensland Angus Breeders Group (Angus Qld), Western Australia Angus Breeders Group (Angus WA), and Tasmania Angus Breeders Group (Angus Tasmania).
  • Review of outputs of collaborative R&D projects conducted during 2020, and consideration of potential new collaborative initiatives for 2021.
  • Review of upcoming enhancements of TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation.
    Angus Australia Board meetings in 2021 are scheduled for 5th March, 27-28th May, 12-13th August, and 25-26th November.  The AGM is scheduled for 12:00pm on 27th May 2021 in Melbourne.

Peter F Parnell
CEO & Company Secretary
7th December 2020