Research Continues into Calculation of EBVs for Additional Traits

May 23, 2018 1:24 pm

Angus TACE currently calculates EBVs for 25 traits, with EBVs relating to calving ease, fertility, growth, carcase yield and quality, docility, structural soundness and feed efficiency.

While the current EBVs describe the genetic merit of Angus animals for many traits of economic importance within the beef supply chain, research continues in collaboration between Angus Australia and several research organisations to improve the scope of the EBVs that are calculated in Angus TACE, and in turn, to provide a genetic description of Angus and Angus-influenced seedstock for a wider number of traits.

Current research is focussed on improving the genetic description of traits such as:

  • Eating quality (e.g. marble score, ossification)
  • Meat quality (e.g. marbling fineness, fatty acid composition, mineral content)
  • Adaptability to northern Australian production systems (e.g. coat score, adaptation)
  • Animal resilience (e.g. immune competence)
  • Cow maintenance efficiency (e.g. mature condition score, mature height)
  • Female reproduction (e.g. age of puberty)

To further discuss any of the research that is underway to improve the calculation of EBVs within Angus TACE, please contact staff at Angus Australia. Further details regarding each respective item will be circulated as the research is completed, and subsequently, when the implementation of the research outcome into the Angus TACE genetic evaluation has been scheduled.

Top Image: Brad Hine collecting immune competence information