Spring Bull Night back in 2019

August 5, 2019 2:29 pm

Following the success of the inaugural event, the Spring Bull Night will once again be hosted by Angus Australia, from 7pm EST on Tuesday August 20, 2019.

Six organisations with Angus semen catalogues will present their latest offerings of A.I Angus sires during the event.

On the night, each organisation will present a selection of sires, highlighting their strengths, how they might be used in an A.I program and how their progeny are performing.

Streamed via the Angus Australia YouTube page, ABS Australia, Semex Beef, Agri-Gene, Genetics Australia, Breeder Genetics and Texas Angus will all present as part of the event.

The Spring Bull Night is event not be missed by anyone considering Angus for their spring A.I program.

Speaking about the inaugural event in 2018, Nigel Semmens of Genetics Australia commended the Spring Bull Night and said the convenience of events such as this allows for a greater connect to regional or remote areas, where some producers may suffer at the hands of distance.

“This gave a lot of people the opportunity to listen to what we’ve got to say,” he said. “We can’t get to all regions or remote areas, so it gives people from those locations the chance to log in and catch up with all the latest news on all the bulls available.”

With a similar opinion, Rob Onley representing Agri-Gene said that the 2018 event gave the opportunity for representatives like himself to reach producers that distance usually wouldn’t allow.

“We live in a really big country and for us to get to all the farms is really difficult and equally for the breeders to get to us.”

“What was offered at the event was the ability to go through some of those extra details that people don’t get to see on a day to day basis just before their joining, so I think from a distance standpoint it covered off a lot of bases for a lot of Angus breeders.”

Participants will be able to join in the night at any time on the Angus Australia YouTube page, with the event open to everyone. The only requirements to view the event is a phone, tablet or computer with internet access.

For further information regarding the Spring Bull Night, please contact Angus Australia Breed Development Officer Matt Reynolds at matthew.reynolds@angusaustralia.com.au or on 0433 532 453.