Stand out from the crowd with exclusive Angus verified tags

July 6, 2021 11:15 am

Angus Australia’s latest integrity program, Angus Verified, supports commercial Angus producers to build better supply chain relationships by adding credibility to a producer’s business and their reputation in the marketplace.

Angus Verified ensures that black hided Angus imposters are not sold as Angus, leading to greater integrity, confidence, and trust throughout the supply chain.

Angus Verified records the use of registered Angus sires, declares the breeders and their calves are purebred Angus and validates that sires, identified by their NLIS ID, are on the PIC in the NLIS Database at the time of joining to authenticate a purebred Angus breeding program.

This program has the added benefit of exclusive Angus Verified tags. These tags clearly identify Angus Verified cattle to possible buyers andsends a clear message to the market that your cattle are purebred Angus giving them the confidence that they are going to get what they pay for.

Buyers can have confidence purchasing cattle that carry Angus Verified tags as all their RFIDs can be simplychecked and validated in the Angus Australia databaseby the purchaser.


To join Angus Verified complete the following steps in this order:

  1. Become a member of Angus Australia
  2. Subscribe to Angus Verified
  3. Download the Aglivemobile App
  4. Set up your Angus Verified account.

Once setup, you can do everything in the mobile App, or if you prefer, login to the Aglive Web Portal with a QR code on your mobile App and do bulk data entries with a csv upload.

Once your animals are verified, you can request an order form to purchase Angus Verified tags.

You can only order as many tags as animals that you have verified.

You will receive your order form via email from Angus Australia. You then take this form to your preferred rural reseller and order your tags.

Angus Verified tags are Allflex tags. All tags are Female Maxi size and come in 2 formats.

Unfortunately, no amendments to the design of the Angus Verified tags is accepted.

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For further details on Angus Verified, contact Liz Pearson, Commercial Supply Chain Manager at Angus Australia 0488 758 360