The Stewart Award

December 11, 2019 11:17 am

Without the generous support, assistance and enthusiasm of volunteers, the Angus Youth program would not be possible.  The Angus Youth program is calling for nominations for the Stewart Award 2019.

The Stewart Award (previously named the Angus Youth Helper of the Year Award) was commissioned in 2001 to recognise a person that has volunteered a large amount of time to the Angus Youth program that year.

The award is named after Bruce and Pat Stewart of Dunlop Park Angus, Tasmania, who over many years have contributed selflessly to the Angus Youth program.  Each year Bruce and Pat travelled to Wodonga to assist with the running Angus Youth National Judging Competition.  They have also worked tirelessly behind the scenes, picking lunches up, running people to and from transport depots, helped with the distribution and collection of place and question cards during animal judging and always were there to provide a helping hand and support or guidance to the Angus Youth program.

At the conclusion of each year, the current Angus Youth Consultative Committee select the recipient/s of the Stewart based on their outstanding contribution to the Angus Youth program.

The winner is then announced at either the Angus Youth National Roundup Special Dinner Dance or an event that the recipient will be attending during the year, with their name included on the plaque they are presented with.

If there is someone that you believe should be recognised by the Stewart Award for their outstanding and steadfast contributions to the Angus Youth Program, submit your nomination, including the reasons why you have nominated them via the link below. For further information please contact




Top Image: Past recipients Bruce and Cherry Steel with Bruce and Pat Stewart 

Roundup Committee member Murk Schoen presenting John O’Reilly with Stewart Award