They’ve done it again, Angus takes glory at 2017 RAS Beef Challenge

August 30, 2017 11:05 am

The 2017 RAS Beef Challenge has seen purebred Angus steers and heifers take out 5 of a possible 6 placing in this year’s live assessment judging and over 50% of the placings in the Daily Weight Gain category. The annual field day and live assessment judging at the MacCue family’s Wilga Feedlot was held Monday 21st August with an excellent turnout of around 40 producers.

The feedlot based challenge sees pens of 6 steers and/or heifers entered in either the domestic category (70 days on feed) or the export category (100 days on feed). Entries are judged as pens and as individuals.

With over 500 entries across the 2 categories, the largest the competition has ever been, the contest was tight and with a combination of pure bread and cross breed steers and heifers entered. It could have been anyone’s game, but it was the purebred Angus steers and heifers that caught the judges eye on the day.

Purebred Angus animals took out 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the 70-day domestic category and 1st and 3rd in the 100-day export category, highlighted that the breed of choice that provides you the premium in the feedlot, is Angus.


Live Assessment Judging

Domestic Angus placings:

1 MacCue Trading Angus
2 Rosie, Will & Lachie Mayne (Texas Angus) Angus
3 MacCue Trading Angus

Export Angus placings:

1 Dobikin Pastoral Co Angus
3 Dobikin Pastoral Co Angus

Domestic Daily Weight Gain Angus placings:

1 Texas Angus Angus 2.540kg/day
2 Texas Angus Angus 2.523kg/day
3 Rosie, Will & Lachie Mayne (Texas Angus) Angus 2.507kg/day
7 MacCue Trading Angus 2.370kg/day
9 Texas Angus Angus 2.359kg/day
10 MacCue Trading Angus 2.326kg/day

Export Daily Weight Gain Angus placings:

1 Wambulla Farming Angus 2.510kg/day
3 Isla Angus Angus 2.380kg/day
5 Texas Angus Angus 2.350kg/day
9 Wambulla Farming Angus 2.288kg/day
10 Wambulla Farming Angus 2.279kg/day

Following the live assessment day, all the cattle were trucked and killed at Kilcoy Pastoral Co. Winners of the carcass judging categories will be announced at a celebration dinner in Tamworth on the 15th September 2017.



(Feature Image) Bob Jamieson with Michael, Louise and Ian MacCue from MacCue Trading with their winning pen of 6 Angus in the domestic category.

(Bottom Image) Rob Vickery from Dobikin Pastoral Co with his winning pen of 6 Angus in the export category