Who are the ASBP Cohort 9 Sires?

October 17, 2018 3:46 pm

The Angus Sire Benchmarking Program (ASBP) will see the entry of 22 new bulls, selected from over 50 nominations, to produce the Cohort 9 calves.

The sire list is available from Sire Benchmarking catalogue listing on ANGUS.TECH by CLICKING HERE

Additionally, to provide genetic linkages, Cohort 9 includes:

  • A sire from the United States (Sydgen Black Pearl 2006) which is included in a progeny test program undertaken by the American Angus Association, and
  • Two sires from Cohort 8 of the ASBP (Te Mania Lancaster L64 and Hazeldean Katzen K416)

The 22 bulls continue the high-performance nature of ASBP sires with the group averaging in the top 5% for all Indexes. This is also coupled with genetic diversity and representative of the modern Australian Angus population which is important for the formation of an effective reference population. A summary of the sires EBVs are tabled and graphed in table 1 and figure 1 reactively.

Across the 9 Cohorts of the ASBP, there has now been 321 modern Angus bulls enter this industry leading research and development program.

The 2018 joining program to produce the Cohort 9 calves is currently underway with approximately 1,350 cows across 5 co-operator herds being inseminated for the year.  Each sire will be joined to approximately 60 cows to produce ~33-35 calves on average. This is from a fixed time AI program utilising Vetoquinol advice and products such as the Cue-Mate devices.


Table 1 – Average, maximum and minimum EBVs and Indexes of the 22 ASBP Cohort 9 sires.


Figure 1 – EBV Chart for the 22 ASBP Cohort 9 Sires.