Why would Angus Australia need to know who the Recipient Dam was?

December 13, 2017 6:00 am

In addition to the general Embryo Calves registration, it is also an Angus Australia requirement that the calf’s recipient dam be recorded on the database in order to register the Embryo Calf. Without the recipient dam recorded against the calf, the registration of the embryo calf cannot proceed.

Why record the Recipient Dam?

The maternal effects of the recipient dam to an embryo calf are taken into consideration when calculating the EBVs. While the recipient dam doesn’t influence the genetics of the Embryo calves, the maternal effects from the recipient dam flow through to the Embryo and the resulting calf. Recipient dams’ information is collected so that these maternal effects to the calves can be accounted for when analysing the performance of the embryo calves through TACE.

What’s required to put a Recipient Dam on the database?
  • An identifier for the Recipient Dam eg. ABC123, ABCG1, ABCAA
  • Date of birth or year of birth for the Recipient Dam
  • What the breeding is eg. 50% Angus X 50% Hereford, 100% Angus

*There is no fee to add Recipient Dams to the Angus Australia database.*

What if I use a cow that is already registered with Angus Australia?

Females that are already registered on the Angus Australia database as either HBR, APR, ACR etc. can be downgraded to a recipient dam, and can be reinstated back to their original registration status at no additional cost, provided that an Embryo Calf has been recorded during the preceding 12 months and the ownership is unchanged.

What about Recipient Dams that are Leased or contracted out?

The contractor or leasee would need to ensure that the Recipient Dam(s) that are implanted are recorded on the Angus Australia database as the Embryo Calves cannot be registered on the without this information.

The process:

  • Contractor or leasee needs to contact Angus Australia with the dates from which the dam was implanted to the time shortly after the Embryo Calf is expected to be born, and the herd ident that the calf belongs to. These dates are vital. If the dates do not match up it will not allow the registration of the calf to proceed under the registering herd.
  • Once the calf is born and registered by the owner, the recipient dam will automatically be put back into the contractor or leasee’s ownership as the lease is deemed to be complete.
The contractor/leasee is not a member of Angus Australia?

It is still possible to register the Embryo Calves even if the contractor/leasee is not a member of Angus Australia. We can register the recipient dams under the calves registering herd with the above registration requirements.

If you any further enquiries regarding recipient dams or embryo calves, please feel free to contact the Member Services team on 02 6773 4600 or regos@angusaustralia.com.au.